Caroline Kila

Having practiced many different styles of yoga

throughout my teenage years, I knew I had finally found what I was looking for when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga ten years ago. Since then I have been dedicated to the daily practice and study of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K Patthabhi Jois, his grandson Sharath and daughter Saraswati. I am devoted to carrying on this tradition. I completed my first teacher training RYS 200 with Paul Dallaghan at Samahita in 2005, and RYS 500 in 2008. I have also been in the fortunate position to follow the pranayama teachings of Sri O.P Tiwari since 2008. I have continued my studies in this area with both Paul and Tiwari- who is one of the few remaining masters and sources of authentic teachings of the science and philosophy of Hatha Yoga in the world today.

I would like to thank additional teachers who have inspired me during my journey: Paul Dallaghan who inspired me to teach - and taught me so much, Bela Lipat as my first Ashtanga teacher while living in Manila, Yoga Manila as my second family, Karen Grenfell during my 4th pregnancy and the 2 years we lived in Australia, Gibran, Lucia, Arne and Mauricio for what they shared directly from the source during my years in Mexico, and Tarik for allowing me to assist him at Mysore Tokyo - sharing so much with myself and his students. Also, to Dena Kingsberg for her wisdom, softness and knowledge! I have also gained tremendous knowledge and insight from the workshops I've attended with Senior Ashtanga Teachers: Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, David Swensen, Dominic Corigliano and John Scott!

I want also to thank my four wonderful sons, for teaching me the daily practice of yoga off the mat, and to my husband for his ongoing support along this journey. To my parents, who support and help out with the children, thus allowing me to travel and continue studying and practicing. Also, a big thank you to my special students around the world, many of whom have become my goods friends - you all know who you are! My students over the years have taught me to understand the Ashtanga Practice through different bodies, injuries, illness, and how to modify this practice accordingly. As a teacher, I hope to share this with you. I look forward to meeting you on the mat.